The scenario of present days Construction related works has considerably changed and has advanced with latest type of technology in Designing, Construction, and other related works – so has the role of Plant & Machinery advanced for timely completion of these modern time bound Project works with quality by deployment of suitable modern equipments.

For competing these activities, is no more behind and has also moved ahead by earning a name with good reputation in the construction Industry within country by building landmark projects such as Housing Colonies, Hotels, Malls, Hospitals and Corporate offices etc. etc. spread all over the major cities of the Country and is scaling all peaks of the Industry.

The role of Human Resource Department is significant in the growth of the organization. We provide autonomy and freedom to employees to perform effectively and efficiently on the projects. The emphasis is placed on improving skill, competence, and knowledge through regular training and in-house/ external professional development programs. We have been continually working to build and manage a motivated pool of professionals by grooming internal resources and recruiting the right skill from the market, develop a high-performance work-ethic and create a culture of continuous learning and skill development. Our qualified team is fully capable of executing any kind of Construction project within time and cost and with excellent quality.

Concrete Batching Plant 20Cum Capacity 2 Nos.
Concrete Pump 48 cum Capacity 2 Nos.
Concrete Batching Plant Mobile 10 cum Capacity 8 Nos.
Tower Cranes (ACE) 3 Nos.
Hoists (100’-00”) 5 Nos.
Jib Hoist (500 Kg. Capacity) 10 Nos.
Cement Concrete Mixtures 15 Nos.
Weight Batchers 8 Nos.
Generators 15 Nos.
Cement Concrete Vibrators 20 Nos.
Water Pumps 30 Nos.
Threading Machines 15 Nos.
Bar Bending Machines 6 Nos.
Pipe Cutting Machines 15 Set
Hammer Drill Machine 30 Nos.
Bar Cutting Machines 6 Nos.
Welding Machines 20 Nos.
Hydraulic Testing Machines 30 Nos.
Smoke Testing Machines 2 Nos.
Lab Equipments 7 Nos.